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Library Courses
Debra Moore
by Debra Moore - Last Updated Mar 4, 2015
Lauren Schenk
by Lauren Schenk - Last Updated Sep 5, 2015
Library Courses and Offerings
by The Library - Last Updated May 30, 2017
Library course information and offerings.
Monica Lopez
by Monica Lopez - Last Updated Dec 12, 2016
Librarian/Associate Professor
Paula Pereira
by Paula Pereira - Last Updated Jun 4, 2013
Stephanie Rosenblatt
by Stephanie Rosenblatt - Last Updated Feb 10, 2016
Learn more about Stephanie Rosenblatt and her Library 100 class.
Valencia Mitchell
by Valencia Mitchell - Last Updated Jun 8, 2017
Professor/Librarian Emeritus, Adjunct Librarian